Why It Is Important To Learn Digital Marketing In Present Days?

First of all, it’s important to understand what is digital marketing? It is a broad field where marketing is done through digital channels such as search platforms, social media, etc. It helps to connect with a vast number of audiences across the world through email or website by sitting just at one place.

The blatant truth is digital marketing is the future! Now let me discuss the importance of it:

Digital Marketing
  1. Now a day’s people are more into internet, people prefer to benefit more by being comfortable or prefer things to be served in front of them in a platter.
  • It will be a great opportunity to start up a business through online because it is a great platform to reach out to as much as audiences possible across the world.
  • It gives you fame, as people get to know you widely. Audiences take interest in your subject and you are discussed all over the places.
  • It gives you the opportunity to experiment different avenues to promote yourself, and if one way doesn’t work out the next will.
  • You can make huge money out of it. Well that one can see once the person is into the business.
  • One can keep a track of their competitors and update the business through it.

What Kind Of People Can Choose Digital Marketing As A Source Of Income? What Is Required To Be In This Field?

  1. The truth is a basic graduated or even 12th pass out students can get into the field of digital marketing.
  • There is no age limit to start up something new. For example: My father happens to be a Doctor and he is 60+ now who is enjoying is life with everything he has got. But the eagerness of learning and doing something new motivated him to learn vlog/blog making, video editing.
  • It’s not necessary to be from a technical background as there are lots of aspects in digital field like if you are not into website designing one can be a SEO specialist.
  • The basic requirement is A TOPIC. One has to be clear about what will be his/her subject to move forward. It is important to indentify the potentiality of one self.
  • Patience! The 2nd important or one of the most crucial quality which is required. One cannot expect to be a millionaire over the night.
  • The last but not the least, Persistency! You cannot be successful all the time. Being at loss sometimes is a part of such game, having faith within one self and rectifying the faults is essential.

Why It Is Important To Choose A Mentor Rather Than An Institution/University?

Well before I discuss about these questions let me tell first one thing which no one will fetch you is your purpose. This one thing you need to be clear about, without purpose wherever you go it will be a waste of money & time.

  • First set a goal.
  • Think about what you want to post completing the course.
  •  Is it helpful?
  • Does it have any future?
  • Are you sure that you want to do it?

     Once you are clear with this entire question you are ready to choose a mentor/institute. And you can own a digital marketing agency as well.

Next we all are familiar with one thing that there are a lot of promises by different institutions but we end up getting a degree and a 30min-1 hrs training session and a job. But what new? Is it worth paying lakhs of rupees and doing a job of 15k? But getting a mentor is quite difficult which requires a lot of research.

I had been working for 3 n half years in the sales and marketing department but always wanted to go abroad and study or settle out there. There is a benefit to go abroad as a student so after my IELTS is got an offer from Humber University, Toronto, and after that, I decided to leave my job and come back to my home town as I got only a few months to spend with family & friends. But deep within I always had a wish to do something for my own, through which I can help others and influence them. So to know the exact job for myself I had to find the best place for my guidance so I came across KDMI-Kolkata digital marketing institute, well I didn’t decide to take admission to KDMI in the first place because I wanted to do more research and I did. But I found KDMI to be the best for me because

  • It has got limited students per batch
  • The CEO himself is the mentor, which means he himself is into this business with proper knowledge. If a successful person of the same filed you want to acquire guides you, I think nothing could be better than that.
  • He has got his own digital marketing agency as well as YouTube channel, where you can intern under his guidance.

Well these were my experience, but everyone who aspires to be in the field of digital marketing should be aware and prepared of failure.

  1. You cannot blame your mentor for you failure because there are 10 other students who are doing great under his/her council.
  2. Remember there is something wrong in your learning, so feel free to go back again and recover your mistakes.
  3. Go 20% with your mind and 80% with your heart to your mentor. Have faith in him as well as yourself. Success will not come in your way always.
  4.  Allow your mentor to discover your best skill.

All these above are mentioned because it is true that a mentor knows the struggle, strategies needed behind and have gone through the same.  So when you can get more obvious exposure within affordable amount, then why spending more money for the same thing with just academic knowledge

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