Become a master in Facebook Ad tool management- The Essential Guide to Facebook Ads

With the launch of Facebook ads manager in the year 2007, the world of business and marketing in the most specific manner took a huge turn in the scope of revenue generation. While the very basics of traditional marketing encompass a way of investing that is though bound to generate views

However, the scale of revenue through these forms of advertisements is not necessarily trackable. With the use of Facebook advertisement tool a lot of benefits are observed across that provide the business a scalable option to gain a significant growth in it’s revenue.

Underneath, we shall dive into the depths of Facebook Ads Manager, the campaign types, objectives, targeting and retargeting, the right techniques to ensure a significant level of revenue generation and more in the upcoming part.

What does this article cover-

1. Facebook ads manager- An easy way in?

2. The very first integration to success- Setup and more.

3. Creating the ultimate- Campaign creation on Facebook ads manager.

4. Cost and convenience- Less cost but more result?

5. Concluding in the way!

Facebook ads manager- An easy way in?

Looking back to the year of 2007 is when the very popular Facebook had started with it’s social ads that had changed the process of marketing in a drastic manner in the way to come. This had marked the stepping stone to a new form of marketing, the arena commonly known as social media marketing as of the present day.

Structuring of the marketing campaigns, a detailed form of targeting to the audience, a better visual and a more prolific representation can be arranged using Facebook ads manager. But the question for the ones unaware is why the preference of the same and how can it actually change a brand’s revenue structure and help to reach its ultimate goal. Firstly, we need to understand the users on Facebook in particular, with over 2.9 billion social media users, the marketing fundamentals have now become something global. The brand can make it’s products and services reach the global upfront with just touch of a finger.

Benefits and an overall outlook of Facebook ads dashboard

The benefit of Facebook ads manager is quite a lot in number, from a structured dashboard for ads management, to an intricate form of targeting with a superior level of budget management all are available just at the tip of a finger.

Facebook ads Campaigns Dashboard

The above shared screenshot is that of Facebook ads management dashboard in which we shall find all the information about the campaigns run along with
the associated existing factors.

The very first integration to success- Setup and more.

Ever got your name listed on a bank account? Well, the process has something similar to do with the setting up of a Facebook ads account. Once you have a Facebook page created, go to, the user would be landing to the META business suite provided on which the user shall be needed to click to ads option and then the Ads Manager option provided to directly landing on the dashboard of the ads manager.

Meta Business Suit

The next major task would be to add budget on the ad account for which the user should add certain budget on it.

Facebook ads

Click on the billing icon highlighted in yellow to go to the billing option available

Facebook ads Billings & Payments

Whilst clicking on pay now, the user can add amount to the ad account and continue with the campaign.

Creating the ultimate- Campaign creation on Facebook ads manager

It is to keep in mind that Facebook ads manager comprises of 3 levels namely campaign level, ad set level and ads level. Underneath, sharing the campaigns provided with further sub campaigns that shall be ultimately used to generate the required output or result for the brand.

Facebook ads types of campaigns

While clicking on the selected campaign type, we shall be needing to click on continue to further progress with the campaign creation and the eventual execution of the same.

Facebook ads Campaign details

Level 01- Campaign Level

Facebook ads Campaign details

Level 02-Ad set level

Facebook ads Campaign details

Level 03- Ads Level

With the campaign level comprising of A/B testing and tailored Facebook features, we move forward to the next ads set level with a further option of detailed budgeting and targeting which needs to be carried out with extreme efficiency. Sharing a look of the same underneath

Facebook ads Budget & schedule

We find options of lifetime and daily budget whereas we can segregate the budget as a daily spend and a lifetime spend accordingly. Underneath the same, we find a targeting option as per location and interests too for a better optimisation of the campaign to attain the desired result.

Facebook ads Custom Audience

After which when things are done, we shall end by publishing the campaign with the day to day results made visible at the dashboard of ads manager.

Facebook ads

Cost and convenience- Less cost but more result?

Less cost but better results is that even possible? Well, the way Facebook ads campaigns go with correct form of optimisation of the same can actually bring forth results.

The marketer needs to keep this in mind that campaign creation is but a part of success but not a complete whole. Options like retargeting to the correct set of audience, A/B testing, platform setup assistance, lookalike audience can actually drive the result to something more of what we can refer to as a success.

Custom audience and lookalike audience options if used in the most appropriate manner can generate results with sheer efficiency. Underneath sharing screenshots of the same

Facebook ads

The further orientation of custom audience creation is how it looks like

Facebook ads lookalike audience

Have a look into how lookalike audience part is given in percentage which shares how similar the audience that would be selected to the saved prior audience that had generated results prior.

Concluding in the way

At the end it can be concluded that if the campaign creation is done in the most holistic manner with the right set of audience can actually generate results so stunning. However getting such a top level marketing done requires a team of skilled digital marketers and If the reader is looking for the same, by far it is to look at Digital Rosogulla the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

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